In the many hundreds of testimonials sent to Frank over the years, it’s interesting to see that the phrases which stand out are ‘Spot on’ and ‘Amazing’.

Here’s a small selection…

Frank’s horoscopes

“Frank I just wanted to say thank you… I love reading your weekly scopes… they are always positive and insightful. May love and light surround you – always. Sincerest regards. Josie”

“Frank’s site is excellent, I really believe in him. My sister had a 1 to 1 with Frank and everything he had told her would happen, has. Even the things in the past that he said were true. He is a truly gifted man. Well done, Frank. Catherine”

“Hiya Frank, just watched your Sept video for Leo and you had me in tears……. YOU KNOW me. So much respect for you. Sandra xx”

“His site is excellent. The monthly horoscopes are spot on!! Thank you. Bex”

“I love your website, and you are quoted probably every week by myself and friends. Thanks. Alison”

“I look forward to your horoscopes every Sunday. You always try to put a positive spin on what’s happening with the cosmos, for which I am very grateful. Like many others out there I have suffered loss and your predictions always make me look forward to the coming week with enthusiasm, even when I’m feeling pretty down. Thanks and keep up the good work. Kind regards, Angie”

Wow! I read my yearly horoscope (I am Sagittarius) and I was totally amazed. Especially when I read the love-forecast for 2007. It’s amazing how I can see myself, and my life, past and present, in what you wrote! I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the year! Hilde”

“Thank you, Frank, for a special edge with your readings that combines practical with encouragement. Blessings! Doris”

Readings with Frank in Glasgow

“I have been at your face-to-face reading once and I have to admit that you are amazing! So many things came true….and so many changes happened in my life that I would never have expected to happen. Adriana T”

“Dear Frank I last had a reading with you in 2001 at the Grosvenor Hotel. You very accurately described some things that have since taken place – even down to a period living and working in a hot desert. Boy, were you ever right. And you also accurately pinpointed that this would have a female focus and it would be a first. Well here I am, the editor of the first ever global current affairs television programme for women. And it comes out of the Middle East. Kind regards Maire Devine”

“Amazing, Frank! Second day of son’s trial and found not guilty. How right you were x Alice Mcgowan”

Frank’s phone readings

“This really is a great offer – my reading was amazing !! Thanks again Frank! X Louise Agnew

Frank you’re spot on xx Mary OBrien”

“It is uncanny mate! Spot on Frank…..again George Hannah”

“I wanted to tell you that your readings are 100% accurate and amazing. Jane”

“Thank you so much for my telephone consultation, I felt as if you knew me and that you were a good friend Love Morag xxxxx”

A very good reading with Frank earlier.. May well visit again next year. With thanks. Kind regards, Lesley.”

Frank’s VIP membership

“”Amazing value! I’ve been a member for years and feel I know Frank now. Having Frank on hand to answer my questions whenever they arise is the real deal. Love ya Frank – Sheena, London”

“Fans of Frank shouldn’t be without the subscription service. I love the video-scopes and Frank’s Q&A. Keep up the good work. – Miriam, Edinburgh”

“Undoubtedly the best subscription service ever! I wouldn’t be without it. – Saoirse, Cork”

Frank’s Shows

“I went with my friends to Frank’s show in Paisley. What a night! We can’t stop talking about him and now we all want readings! Trisha P”

“I must admit that I went along to your show because my friend wanted me to go with her. It really isn’t normally my sort of thing, but I wanted to tell you personally that I think you are the real deal. I’ll be coming again. Love Jenni x”

“I came to your show in Kilmarnock not long after losing my wonderful Mum. I had no expectations, but I was clinging onto the hope that somehow she’d come through – and when she did, I had no doubt in my mind that you connected with her (especially when you mentioned the pearls in her bedroom drawer). I was amazed! Thank you so much, Lucy xx”