Yearly Horoscope for Aquarius – Jan 2017

For the last two or three years you’ve been striving for tremendous stability and individuality, and this year’s eclipses, as well as everything else that’s happening in the sky, help bring this about. Jupiter in Libra urges you to realise the potential you have, and its autumn move propels you forward in your career, so make sure you give it everything you’ve got at this time. Later in the year, Saturn relieves you of the people that aren’t really with you on your journey. Let’s have a right good look at what it all means for you, Aquarius. There’s a lot of confusion hanging around at the start of the year, and I want you to trust your own instincts and judgement on which road to take if you’re presented with a few options. Which you will be. Your journey through January is an exciting one nonetheless, where you’ll be enlightened and embrace new philosophies and new ways of doing things as you go, yet this is accompanied by an odd feeling of being like an eggshell bobbing on water, lasting until roughly the end of February, that you might not be able to shake. The energy off of February’s eclipses can take you right the way through to August, and this energy is all very helpful when it comes to tending to partnerships and getting back on the same page. The second eclipse is all about money and knowing exactly where you’re heading, and this is a time to lose the pig-headedness and avoid any of those knee-jerk reactions that look so tempting. New skills and study is what Jupiter in Libra is all about for the majority of the year, but when it moves into Scorpio in October, you’ll stand up and be counted in your career, and possibly in a very public way. You’ll know your worth and be under the spotlight. You’re ready to start again by knowing what you need for you. The cosmos shows you a new way and a new direction at the end of the year, and I absolutely love it for you. Hot dates For love: 26th August For work: 4th June

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