Frank grew up in Helensburgh, a coastal town in the West of Scotland and realised as a child that he had abilities which set him apart. During his formative years, Frank honed his gifts, and it was public demand for those gifts which set his career path. Since the 80’s, his blend of mysticism, humanity and perceptiveness has fuelled a burgeoning career in magazines, newspapers, radio, TV and on the stage.



Despite the demands on his time, Frank is unique in his approach to the public. He still reserves a few days per month for personal consultations in Glasgow and for private telephone readings, but you’d better book quickly as there’s a long waiting list. Frank loves doing these readings because he has never forgotten that everyday people created his success. Frank has also toured extensively in Scotland, dazzling theatre audiences with his astrological knowledge and psychic insights. He will be touring nationally in 2014 – click here for more details


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