Your February horoscope


What a month! Where to start? Well, there are two eclipses, on the 11th and on the 26th, so it’s a month of choice for you, although you might feel confused or pressured into making split-second snap decisions. Please don’t be. I’d ask that you to take your time here. Have faith in the long game and in yourself. Please don’t butt headlong into situations like your namesake the ram when you can pause for thought instead, and be real and strong. Please also remember that the decisions you make stay with you until the month of August, especially the ones you make around the time of the second eclipse on the 26th, which is also when you jettison that which you no longer need. Love planet Venus in your sign should bring you some light relief, some treats, and maybe even some freedom, but always with both feet on the ground.


Are you ready for a month of whopping great change, Taurus? We have two game-changing eclipses happening in this, the shortest month of the year – cosmic signposts that indicate you’ll be moving in new directions right across the board of your life. The first, on the 11th, turns your focus to your home environment and memories, and attention to detail emotionally. It’ll convince you that something doesn’t work perhaps, but this is no time for knee-jerk reactions and starting up something new, with Jupiter backwards causing confusion. The second eclipse, on the 26th, brings up friendship issues and, remember, what you decide on now will take you right up until August in terms of the fallout. Try to have some fun along the way and simplify your life where you can.


There are mega changes on the way this month because of a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse. Get ready for this bonanza. The first, on the 11th, stimulates your thinking, your ambitions and your opportunities and you’ll discover that you can’t hold on to the way that things have always been, none of us can, but you can’t just grab all the new opportunities at once either. This is a thinking time, especially between now and August, and sifting out what doesn’t work is crucial before you make your move. You might take on new skills or new forms of study. You might travel more. The next one, on the 26th, highlights seismic shifts in your career and you’ll look at your purpose, and with Jupiter backwards causing chaos, you’re going to have to exercise control and keep it real throughout all of this.


This is it, this is the biggie, Cancer, and despite there being confusion in the air with a retrograde Jupiter in play, the headline news is that we have two cosmic signposts helping you realise your power to change your life as you go forward in February, powered by two amazing eclipses. The first, on the 11th, is about your worth and your finances and what is right for you, but you might be tempted to go in all guns blazing, but I would say that you should plan as carefully as you can. What you set up now takes you through until August, don’t forget. The second eclipse, on the 26th, stimulates thought processes and the long-term and sets up security for yourself. Hold on to what you can produce, but please, and as always, listen to your inner voice.


You’re a very important star sign in the cosmic scheme of things this month. We all know that you’re fun loving and strong, so let’s have more of the same please, and I’d also like you to look at your inner strength this month, too, because there’s a lunar eclipse in your sign on the 11th. You’re going to make a lot of choices for yourself around this time, and what you set up now takes you all the way up until August, believe it or not. Take your time here, though. There’s another eclipse on the 26th, and this is all about the long term. This is a time when you have to sit and really work out the next stages and think about what you desire, but don’t fear it, because your strength will hold it all together, even in the face of resistance.


It’s one of those months where you could find yourself at a crossroads and you’ll internalise a lot of your thinking as a result. If I were you I’d take my time here, Virgo. Jupiter is backwards opposing Uranus so lots of things are in the air, plus there are also two eclipses. The first, on the 11th, asks you to look at what you buried deep within yourself and why. Is it time to let it out? Yes, there could be fears connected to this, but you’re also clever here and you can learn from this experience. Have a long think before you act, however. The second eclipse, on the 26th, is when the world outside has a greater influence on you, and you’ll know exactly where you function best, and the part you play in the world. You’ll feel better once you talk something over.


Lucky Jupiter in your sign is going great guns for you, but it goes backwards this month, and you might be swept along by change that you hadn’t banked on as it opposes Uranus. But this could, in fact, be good for you. There are two cosmic signposts to follow this month also in the form of two eclipses The first, on the 11th, is bursting with opportunity, but try not to rush things. You need to balance things because decisions you make will last all the way until August, so do it right. No short cuts. The second eclipse is on the 26th and this is all about your work, and things that you’ve always known may not remain in your life for evermore. Change is in the air and it could suit you just as long as you learn to adapt.


What a game-changing month it’s going to be, and one that’ll affect you on so many levels, and especially connected to the people in your life and your sensitivities. Jupiter backwards dredges up stuff from the past, so it’s a confusing time on top of everything else. But the standout news is that we have two eclipses in February. The first, on the 11th, puts you under the spotlight, highlighting your career area, and it could be that you must make a choice. But please mull it over first. And some more. There’s another eclipse on the 26th and you’ll be feeling more creative by this point, as well as be getting all the answers you’ve been scratching about for. Even though it’s a short month, it’s a thoughtful one. As I say, please don’t expect too much too soon.


It’s a terrific month for lifting your spirits if you’re sick of stern Saturn in your sign, and, I have to say, you’re very creative at the moment, despite your ruler Jupiter rewinding across the zodiac. This simply means that you’ll be going over stuff that might need a second attempt to get absolutely right. But the cosmic biggies this month are two eclipses. The first, on the 11th, is about where do I go? What are my opportunities? Yes, Sagittarius, this eclipse urges you to look at life in a broader sense and to hold on to your individuality rather than making snap decisions. Be logical about it. The second eclipse, on the 26th, in Pisces, is a very strong connection to the roots of your life and you’ll know exactly what you want and where you’re going. It could be love, health or creativity, but you’ve got this.


It’s a pivotal month for everybody, thanks to two eclipses. Jupiter also goes backwards, and as it does it goes over the changes that have already happened. Are they solid? I think so. Try to see beyond the temporary confusion this brings. Now, back to those eclipses. The first one happens on the 11th and you’ll be looking at the plans for your future? What is it that you can do? What can joint ventures bring? This also connects to your worth and your finance, and Pluto in your sign will guide you as to what needs to go and what should stay. The solar eclipse at the end of the month switches on your brain and your ideas really start to fly. Why put up with something small when you can see the bigger picture? Someone around you helps you to the next level.


It’s your month because the sun and Mercury are in your sign, and you should avoid negativity and people that are looking to rain on your parade. These planets also help you immensely with commutation, plus you could be travelling a lot more than you bargained for. Your ruler Uranus has been at odds with Jupiter for months now, and Jupiter now heading backwards only adds to the confusion. But there is a cosmic signpost to guide you: a lunar eclipse in Leo on the 11th. You’ll be looking at what the world is doing, and the people in your world might be in a bit of a flap, but you keep your cool head and your judgement remains sound. You’re going to be on fire, in fact. People may be a little uncertain because of the troubles in the world right now, but you see the bigger picture. Always. The second solar eclipse at the end of the month is all about action and money, possibly all rolled into one.


It’s a turning-point month and you’re no doubt feeling more sensitive and very creative in your daily life, with Neptune in your sign, but please don’t act too hastily. Why? Because Jupiter and Uranus are opposing and this highlights issues over your self-worth, your finance, and where you see yourself in the world, so you can’t afford any missteps. Jupiter’s backward motion is all about the long-term and changing what you can, and that’s important. It’s also a month of the eclipses and, to you, they’re about two things: your work and your health. It’s time to quietly look over what new directions you need to strike out in, or at what you need to be happier, and that which you may have been denying yourself. The sun and the moon in your sign on the 26th creates another eclipse, this time in your sign, and you’ll be looking at what you need for yourself and you’re going to be on fire. Expect more of yourself than you have been doing.




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