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You really should be paying attention to what the moon is doing in your birth chart as well as what the sun is up to. So what’s the deal with the moon? Well, it rules your habits, your emotions, your instincts – in other words, a lot of what makes up your personality. In fact, some astrologers reckon it’s as, if not more, important than your sun sign. Don’t know your moon sign? Order your birth chart now

Here’s a quick look at the moon sign traits…

Moon in Aries

If anybody is going to walk ten thousand miles to be with someone they’ve just met it’s you. Impulsive doesn’t even touch the sides. You do it then think about it. You also crackle with warmth and excitement so naturally people like to be in your company. You’re always so very interested at the start of anything and lavish all kinds of attention on your latest hobbyhorse, but you also tend to burn out pretty and then it’s a case of ‘next!” You’ve a lot of sexual prowess, but perhaps lack sensuality. Although you can flare up and will hold your own if challenged, you’re also aware of all the social niceties that are required to get on in this life because the sign opposite to Aries is lovely, balanced Libra. Want to know more? Order your birth chart now

Moon in Taurus

Whenever I see this in a chart I can almost guarantee that their partner will be the homely, reliable cuddly type – and maybe a bit bull-like. You go to town on the good things in life, need the odd little luxury, and to feel secure, and this is often expressed in a material way. You also like to good care of the people that you love, but this can sometimes tip over into smothering behaviour or you treating them as your property. You live your life on easy street, love indulging in life’s pleasures, and make a good friend because of your earthy sense of humour and good timing. Things rarely get to you and you will try to avoid confrontation where you can. As for your sexual stamina, it’s of mythical proportions. Yes, you’re horny 24/7. Want to know more? Order your birth chart now

Moon in Gemini

You need to flirt. End of. So once you’re in a relationship you need to be with someone whom either a. also flirts like mad or b. is incredibly secure in themselves for it not to bother them. You’re rarely lost for things to say, but moodiness is also part of your make-up, and when the party’s over, then it’s most definitely over, but you’re mostly sociable and easy-going. You love all forms of communication and can more than hold your own in any kind of social situation. Freedom and fresh air are important to you, as is continually meeting new and interesting people. Emotional attachments are mostly of the intellectual kind because you tend to think your feelings instead of feeling them. Want to know more? Order your birth chart now

Moon in Cancer

Being moon-ruled makes you susceptible to lunar phases – yes you’re up and down more times a day than the elevators in Debenhams. So it can be hard for people to keep up with you as they don’t know which one of you to expect. You’re highly emotional, sensitive and put a lot of stock by family. You’re also renowned for your strong powers of intuition, verging on the psychic in some cases. Emotional attachments are very powerful for you and you place a great deal of importance on security and homemaking. Your mother is also very important to you and it’s likely that you maintain a very close relationship with her into adulthood or turn into her. Want to know more? Order your birth chart now

Moon in Leo

I can’t emphasise enough how your pride shapes your instincts. You can also be quite the exhibitionist, and lots of performers have this moon, like actors, and frustrated actors, such as teachers, judges, members of the clergy – anyone that likes to perform in front of an audience. Whether basking in a spotlight on the stage, or holding court at a party, you’re here to shine. Your self-confidence and cheery disposition are infectious and this makes you very popular party guest. But when left unchecked your already overly inflated ego can make you self-centered, vain and arrogant. A sucker for flattery, you’re won over by charm and, once committed, make a loyal and devoted partner. Want to know more? Order your birth chart now

Moon in Virgo

JK Rowling has her moon in Virgo and so do many great writers, and you do have a very vivid imagination as well as the capacity to think deeply about life. This can make you a worrier. You’re a cool customer in relationships because you don’t give yourself away very easily at all and it’s difficult for you to express how you’re feeling because it makes you feel vulnerable. Part of the challenge for you is learning to tune out from a negative and critical inner dialogue. Once committed, you demonstrate your love in a very practical way. Overblown romantic gestures just aren’t your thing. You’re also very fond of animals. Want to know more? Order your birth chart now

Moon in Libra

It’s been said many times that you’re in love with the thought of being in love and it has to be said that you don’t like to be alone one little bit because, as far as you see it, you’re far stronger, healthier and happier in a relationship. It makes life worth living. You give an awful lot of yourself, even when times are tough, so you can be in it for the long haul and never chip your nail varnish. A social whiz, you’re the perfect host and don’t really go in for controversy very much, preferring to steer clear of topics that are likely to cause offence or an argument. Want to know more? Order your birth chart now

Moon in Scorpio

A high-security prison is less impregnable than your heart, yet, once given, your love is the most sincerest and the nearest to unconditional you’ll find. Secretive, emotional and sensitive, no one really gets fully inside your head. Nevertheless, you live for relationships and love sex, although you can abstain for long periods if you can’t find anyone brave enough to take you on. You give relationships your all and expect the same in return. When faced with rejection you tend to take it more personally than others do and can become vengeful. Jealousy and possessiveness are also traits a relationship can bring out in you – friendships included. Want to know more? Order your birth chart now

Moon in Sagittarius

Happy-go-lucky and always up for a laugh, you’re rarely alone in life, and even though your social circle is usually made up of lots of acquaintances, that’s the way you like it sometimes. Freedom is probably your greatest love. Family ties don’t mean that much to you either and this may mean that there is a distance between you and your closest relatives. Relationships tend to be more like friendships because Mills-and-Boon scenarios can all feel a bit too much for you, and part of your challenge in life is learning when not to bolt because eventually you realise that yopu can’t keep running. Regardless of your gender, you’ve a wee bit of the Casanova about you. Want to know more? Order your birth chart now

Moon in Capricorn

You’re low maintenance emotionally as expressing feelings makes you uncomfortable. You have a serious air, and always look competent in any business situation. In relationships, though, you’re not so sure of yourself. Once you do lower your guard you’re practical and loyal, but when insecurity strikes you withdraw into yourself and cut people off. Money is important to you, so personal relationships can often take second place to your career, but once you’re in love you’re fiercely loyal to your loved one. You may also have a difficult relationship with your mother. Want to know more? Order your birth chart now

Moon in Aquarius

Unpredictable and unconventional, you never do things by the book. You can be quite bolshie with the people closest to you and hurtful with it, often without realising it, and your sudden outbursts can lead to relationships biting the dust rather suddenly. Maybe you run before someone does it to you, as a part of an inbuilt self-defence mechanism? You can also come across as cold and unfeeling as you tend to intellectualise emotions. This makes you appear robotic, and uncaring, which you aren’t of course, you just don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. You make an incredibly loyal friend and can be charming and funny when you want to be. Housekeeping isn’t your strong point. Want to know more? Order your birth chart now

Moon in Pisces

Shape-shifting all the time makes it hard for anyone to really to know you, and you’ve also got that famous artistic temperament. Escapism is what you crave when things aren’t going your way and this can make you susceptible to drugs and drink in times of crisis. You’re deeply emotionally sensitive and on a constant mission to protect yourself from hurt. You’ve considerable artistic talents, are highly creative and can get lost in the romance of any situation. You identify with the underdog and will often sacrifice your own needs to those of someone less fortunate than yourself. Want to know more? Order your birth chart now



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