Another satisfied customer

My friends and colleagues are always telling me that I should trumpet my success and triumphs more than I do, but the truth is, it all makes me a little uncomfortable. That’s not to say it doesn’t make doing what I do feel all the more worthwhile when I receive feedback like this…

Good morning Frank,

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I met with you a few weeks ago and you told me a few things that have actually happened just like you said it would. You told me someone was gonna raise their ugly head and kick off again and this would happen in the next week to ten days. I had no idea, then! out of the blue it happened…. 3 days it lasted…..I took your advice , it is what it is and deleted them from my phone book (family too) On a more positive note, another thing happened just like you said, you told me my son Scot was gonna get a huge break with his acting and would be filming over the next two months…….Scot went for an audition over a month ago for a film up here in Scotland with big names in it. Last night completely out of the blue he got the call telling him he got the part and guess what? Filming is over the next two months in May and June! Totally unbelievable that I had this reading, you really are outstanding!

My family are like….. is this not exactly as Frank told you would happen. How cool is that! I’m working on the other stuff you spoke about and can’t believe you got my life exactly where it is at the moment. I honestly couldn’t make this stuff up.

Bless you Frank Pilkington, you truly are blessed with an amazing gift!

Best wishes always

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